An underlying premise of the novel, Whispers from St. Mary’s Well, is that young children with memories of their prior spiritual state have heightened spirituality and speak with words of wisdom. Real children have inspired the author. She’ll share their stories with you and invites you to share your stories, as well. Click on the image of the well or “Share Your Story” in the menu bar to read stories of real life experiences from our visitors, and to share your own stories of spiritual enlightenment.

Whispers from St. Mary’s Wellis narrated by Caroline’s great-granddaughter, Carrie Rose Stillwell. While researching her genealogy she slips into a hypnotic trance and witnesses Caroline's traumatic childhood, discovering truths about her own life by diving into the wellspring of her heritage. She shares this story with you and encourages you to examine your own life through the eyes of your ancestors. You’ll be amazed by what you discover.

This novel includes a Reading Group Discussion Guide. The author, Carol Kenny, invites your group to join her in discussing the book. Please click on the “Book Clubs” in the menu bar for details.