An underlying premise of the novel, Whispers from St. Mary’s Well, is that young children with memories of their prior spiritual state have heightened spirituality and speak with words of wisdom. Real children have inspired the author. She’ll share their stories with you and invites you to share your stories, as well. Click on the image of the well or “Share Your Story” in the menu bar to read stories of real life experiences from our visitors, and to share your own stories of spiritual enlightenment.

Although Whispers from St. Mary’s Well, like all novels, is strictly fiction, some of the spiritual experiences of children in the story were inspired by real children in my life. For example, in the novel I refer to a soul as “glowing.” Years ago, I was standing beside my four-year-old grandson. He was brushing his teeth. Suddenly, he glanced up at me and said, “You know, Grandmommy, I think I know what souls look like.”

“Really!” I said, “Tell me, what do they look like?”

“They look like bright lights,” he said, “but gloooooooooooowing!”
As he said the word, glowing, he touched the fingertips of his two hands together and then slowly spread his arms as far as they would reach.
As he did this, his eyes sparkled with a bright light, and he had an awe-inspiring look on his sweet little face.

No one had ever told him what a soul looked like. The words came from within him. Like Wordsworth, I believe that young children retain memories of their prior spiritual state. That’s why we hear words of wisdom out of the mouths of babes. If you, or someone you know, has heard a child speak on a deep, spiritual level, you may share your story with me, and I’ll continue to share stories with you that inspired the spirituality of the young children in Whispers from St. Mary’s Well.

If you have ever had or heard of a similar experience about the wisdom and spirituality of children, please click the Contact button to share your story.