A Pub List can take you on a journey of discovery, whether it’s the list of an author’s publications or a list of Irish Pubs. Here is a publication list for the work of Carol Kenny, who is a frequent fan of Irish Pubs:

Whispers from St. Mary’s Well
~ A Family Saga Steeped in Mystery and Mysticism ~

Short Stories:
In Touch with Faith,” published in Chicken Soup for the Soul; Living Catholic Faith

Short Story Excerpts:
An excerpt from her short story, “Closing Time,” was published in award-winning author Chris Roerden’s nonfiction book, Don’t Sabotage Your Submission, as an example of an effective writing technique. Ms. Roerden also used a quote from a workshop that Carol Kenny conducted on the use of  VOICE in writing fiction.

“Israeli Oxymoron,” published in Inspirit Literary Magazine.
Carol Kenny wrote this poem at three o’clock, the morning after she and her husband returned from an Interfaith Mission to Israel, immediately before the start of a Jihad that culminated in the tragedy of 9/11. She wrote it to sort through the emotions and images flowing through her heart and mind at the end of this extraordinary journey.

Weekly Book Reviews:
A lifetime lover of literature, Carol Kenny wrote a weekly column of Book Reviews for a small-town newspaper.

Greeting Card Publications:
Not all of her writing went to standard publications. “Ten Commandments to Children Leaving the Nest,” was purchased by Gibson Greetings, Inc.

Instructional Design Writing:
During her career as an instructional designer, Carol Kenny wrote hundreds of training books and instructional programs for corporate clients like American Express, Ralston Purina, Pepsi, and Universal Weather and Aviation. Her book for United Guaranty, “The Road to Home Ownership,” won the David Campbell Innovation Award for Creative Excellence.

Magazine Articles:
Vital! Magazine; Vital Information for a Vital Life!
Carol Kenny's article, "Sharing Insight from Your Ancestry with Future Generations," begins with the following quote from songwriter, Dar Williams: "I knew my family had more truth to tell and so I traveled down a whispering well to know myself through them." The same quote is used in her novel, Whispers from St. Mary's Well, to introduce the fictional narrator, who is researching her genealogy when she slips into a hypnotic trance and witnesses the traumatic childhood of her great-grandmother, who was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland in 1851.