Carol Kenny's novel, Whispers from St. Mary's Well, the fictional biography of a woman born in 1851, in St. Mary's County, Maryland, has been selected by the Greensboro Public Library as a book that they recommend to all book club readers who contact Beth Sheffield at the Library to ask for the names of the best books for readers, especially those who participate in discussion groups.

A book club is a great way to add a new dimension to your reading experience. Readers derive great pleasure from the solitary experience of devouring a book. However, joining or creating a book club can add depth to the reading experience. The best books are those that touch you on an emotional level. When you meet with friends to discuss the book, you share experiences from your life that connect with the story. It’s a great way to discover truths about yourself and to get to know others in your group.

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Here are some suggested guidelines for setting up a book club:

1. Keep the membership small—eight to twelve people— so that each member has time to share thoughts and feelings about the book when you meet to discuss it.

2. Assign one month to each member so that he or she can select the book, as well as send out notices and reminders about the meeting time and place. By sharing responsibility for organizing the meetings, no one is overworked and everyone has fun.

3. Decide whether you want to choose all the books for each year or make continuous selections throughout the year. There are advantages to each option. Choosing the selections at one time, whether the official year begins in January, September, or some other month, is quite efficient, but choosing the books as the year advances can allow you to select a new, exciting book as it is launched.
Either way, books can be purchased on and delivered without a shipping fee. When books are selected for the entire year, members can order their books ahead of time, so if the books are ordered from an online service, shipping fees can be avoided. When selecting books during the year, the member responsible for each selection can purchase books at for the entire group, once again, avoiding shipping fees. The purchaser brings the books to a meeting at least two months before the scheduled discussion. Members pay the purchaser by cash or check, and the purchaser may generate points or other advantages for frequent card user, with no interest fees.

4. Meetings can take place at a restaurant, your home, a library, or a public park. Our book club held a meeting on a pontoon book floating across a lake. We sipped wine and chatted about the book as a lovely blue heron joined our group.

5. Check to see if the book you selected has a Reading Group Discussion Guide. If it does, you may use those questions, letting each person lead the discussion about a different question. After you have covered those questions, members can add their own questions to the discussion. If your group creates additional discussion question for Whispers from St. Mary’s Well, you may send them to me by clicking on the Contact button in the menu bar. I may choose to include some of them on this website or in future editions of the novel. There is no payment or any type of entitlement involved. The questions you submit would simply be your private gift to other readers. 6. Remember that the purpose of a book club is for all members to have a wonderful reading experience, so relax and have fun as you share your thoughts and feelings. You will get to know each other on a deep, personal level by connecting with the characters in the book and sharing similar stories about your own life experiences.