An underlying premise of the novel, Whispers from St. Mary’s Well, is that young children with memories of their prior spiritual state have heightened spirituality and speak with words of wisdom. Real children have inspired the author. She’ll share their stories with you and invites you to share your stories, as well. Click on the image of the well or “Share Your Story” in the menu bar to read stories of real life experiences from our visitors, and to share your own stories of spiritual enlightenment.

A family saga steeped in mystery
and mysticism.

Whispers from St. Mary's Well is the fictional biography of CarolineRose Newlyn, who was born in St. Mary's County, Maryland, in 1851—beneath the veil, predicting episodes of clairvoyance. She witnesses her family's traumatic losses, her mother's descent into deep depression, and a brutal murder that incites decades of racial violence. Virtually orphaned at a young age, she must find a way to raise herself with help from spiritual allies, a supportive community, and her role model, Cappy the Madcap, a character from her favorite book. The books Caroline read inspired her, just as this book has inspired many readers. Please journey with them into the 19th century and into the world beyond.

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Please visit this website to explore the books and stories I’ve written. I hope they touch the hearts of all who read them. I write to share thoughts that dwell in my heart and stir my soul, and I want to connect with you—heart-to-heart.

Carol Kenny wrote the short story, "In Touch with Faith," about the powerful impact of the rosary on her grandmother’s life and death. The story is in Chicken Soup for the Soul; Living Catholic Faith.

The story is in Chicken Soup for the Soul; Living Catholic Faith, and is also available on line at the News and Record website and can be accessed by clicking on the highlighted, “In Touch with Faith.”

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